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Christmas Is about Giving

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, We're new parents, and we were wondering if you have any advice on how to teach children that Ch...

Christmas Around the World, Part 2

by Emily McBride (traditions) and Deanna Buxton (recipes and experiences) | Recipes Holidays

Great Britain Happy Christmas! Many Christmas traditions in America (like hanging mistletoe) come from Grea...


Santa and the Christmas Spirit

by Janice Stringham LeFevre

Stomach trembling, I looked up into my mom’s eyes as she tucked me into bed and arranged my menagerie of st...

Christmas Around the World

by Emily McBride, Recipes and Experiences Compiled by Deanna Buxton | Recipes Holidays

Sweden God ul! Like most of the world, Sweden starts its Christmas traditions early. Saint Lucia's Day happ...

Say ''Bah, Humbug!'' to Holiday Debt

by Michael G. Peterson | Finances

Americans can easily spend as much as $1,000 a year on gifts for family, friends, and business associates. ...

Salvation on Christmas

by Gerald N. Lund | LDS Life

David's stomach twisted and rumbled ominously, reminding him that it had been twenty-four hours since he ha...

Christmas Spirit Gifts and Messages

by Janice Stringham LeFevre | Activities Holidays

The Christmas Spirit is a representation of anonymous giving that I created to help explain the truth of Sa...


Music from the Heart

by Krista Maurer | People

When Deseret Book came to Michael McLean in the late 1980s and asked him to write a Christmas album, he tol...

A Christmas Glove

by Joseph Walker | Marriage & Relationships

"All I want," she told Dad, "is some nice black gloves." "But you have black gloves," he protested. "Nice o...

Creating Christmas Traditions

by Jeanette Bennett | Activities

I could almost smell the turkey roasting when Mom set out the laminated pilgrim scene in the early days of ...