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5 Fascinating Facts About the Menorah + How Its Symbolism Relates to the Gospel

by | December 11, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The original menorah was made for the tabernacle in the wilderness. It was made of solid gold and placed op...


4 Essential Things You Should Teach Your Son Before He's a Deacon

by Collin Bishop | November 23, 2018 | Mormon Life

It's the big day you've been waiting for. You and your spouse sit proudly in the church pew. Grandparents a...


President Nelson About the Church in the Coming Years: "Eat Your Vitamin Pills. Get Some Rest. It's Going to Be Exciting."

by LDS Living Staff | October 31, 2018 | From the Church Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

"If you think the Church has been fully restored, you're just seeing the beginning," President Russell M. N...


When Bullying Happens on Missions: What You Can Do About It

by Kelsey Berteaux | October 25, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

From the very first day, Elder Davis* knew it was going to be a hard transfer. He just didn’t realize how h...


Watch: Church Video Explains What Latter-day Saints Believe About Spirits in Less Than 2 Minutes

by LDS Living Staff | October 22, 2018 | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

This Church video explains the amazing thing about all of us: our spirit. Sharing what our spirit bodies ar...


Why Names Are So Important in Our Faith, Including the Name of the Church

by Taylor Halverson | October 8, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

What profound insights from Dr. Taylor Halverson: "There is power in naming. A name provides clarity of ide...


Church Announces Compromise to Legalize Medical Cannabis in Utah

by Newsroom | October 4, 2018 | Mormon Life

State leaders, medical experts, clergy and others gathered on Utah’s Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City on Thur...


5 Ways to Combat Shame in the Church

by Mormon Hub | September 24, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Shame  can be a very hard thing to deal with in the Church. Those struggling with pornography, sex add...


The Prayer That Was Answered While Sitting in Front of President Nelson in Church

by Greg Trimble | September 24, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Maybe God saw that today, Sunday, September 23, was another one of those crucial times in my life because, ...


38 Meetinghouses Shelter More Than 2,000 After Super Typhoon Hits Philippines

by Newsroom | September 18, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Damage assessments are underway in the Philippines and Hong Kong following Super Typhoon Mangkhut, the cate...