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What Will Be Your Personal Legacy?

by Sponsored by Mormon Channel | Makes You Think

I am a descendant of John Tanner who, in 1834, owned several farms and orchards, as well as a hotel in upst...


Good Things to Come with Mormon Channel

by Sponsored by the Mormon Channel | From the Church News from Utah

It was just before Christmas when I had moved my family to a new state, in search of a new job. My wife and...


SPONSORED: Mormon Channel Launches Updates with #WhereIAm Campaign

by Mormon Channel | News from Utah

Building on a culture of inspiration and hope, Mormon Channel’s recently updated website and app offer a fr...


Why We Need Diverse Religions

by Mormon Newsroom | Makes You Think

Wouldn’t life be easier if everyone were the same? Think of the conflicts we could avoid if we all wanted t...


Why My Kids' Computer is in the Living Room

by The Blaze | Mormon Life

While visiting our home for the first time, a friend noticed the iMac sitting on a small desk in the corner...


How Buzzfeed Would Report Book of Mormon Stories Today

by Collin Bishop | Humor

1 Nephi 4: 5-18 1 Nephi 18: 21-22 1 Nephi 17:8-16; 18:1-4 Mosiah 17:1-4; 18:1-31 Helaman 16:1-7 Alma 56:45-...


Examining Marriage Trends in Today's Culture

by Mormon Hub | News from Utah Makes You Think

The family is the basic unit of any society because it is the protective shelter into which children are bo...


5 Things to Know about the Church in the Dominican Republic

by Heidi Oliver | Mormon Life

For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Dominican Republic, serving the Lord ...


5 Things to Know about the Church in Denmark

by Bridget Bosworth | Mormon Life

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a rich history in Denmark. Keep reading for just a tast...


5 Things to Know about the Church in Japan

by Briana Stewart | LDS Life International Global View

1. President Kimball called the Tokyo temple dedication as “the most significant and important event in the...