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"Even Tide"

by Richard Eubank | FHE

Song: # 220 "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" Items Needed: Rope A cloth to protect the wrists Lesson Idea: Ask f...

Are We Having Fun Yet?

by Connie Sokol | Parenting

As much as I complain about my Sweetheart's creative parenting, I wouldn’t change it (okay, maybe just one ...

Hit the Road to the Temple

by Alecia Darrow | Themed Travel

When church membership was lower and temples were few and far between, many would try to make it to every t...

Sunflowers in the Garden

by Brett Walker | LDS Life

It happened like a ceremony, we called it a "planting." Sometime between late April and mid-May as the sun ...

Strengthen Your Family With Choice Gatherings and Loving Traditions

by Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen | Activities

Family gatherings are more meaningful when planned around principles. The specifics of family gatherings an...

Creating Christmas Traditions

by Jeanette Bennett | Activities

I could almost smell the turkey roasting when Mom set out the laminated pilgrim scene in the early days of ...