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6 Food Storage Pitfalls You Might Be Falling Into (+ Tips to Avoid Them)

by Lucy Stevenson | June 29, 2018 | Mormon Life

For decades, we have been counseled to be prepared by having food storage for our families. But even with s...


How 2 LDS Women Are Debunking Food Storage Myths One Can at a Time

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

“Food storage isn’t just for when the world ends; most of it’s . . . basic food storage prod...


Shipping Your Free Survival Food 05/11/2017

by 4Patriots (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

In a crisis, your #1 need is food. But not just any food. Experts say everyone needs to have non-perishable...


Let the Sun Shine on Your Preparedness Plan

by Solavore (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

You’ve made your list, checked and double-checked. Legumes and flour. Rice and grains. Water. Fuel…hold on,...


Prepare for an Emergency with Food4Patriots

by Food4Patriots (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

Dear Friend, The world has been in a mess lately. The nightly news seems to be a stream of chaotic events! ...


"Nightline" Anchor Ted Koppel Calls LDS Church Extraordinary, Features Mormons in New Book

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

The chance of a cyberattack on America’s power grids is high and the nation is ill-prepared to face the cat...


Seniors Set to Get Free Survival Food

by Food4Patriots (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

Dear Seniors, In a crisis, your #1 need is food. But not just any food... Experts say every senior needs to...


Church Squashes Doomsday Rumors in Official Statement

by Mormon Newsroom | From the Church Makes You Think

Over the last several weeks, it seems everyone from the Huffington Post to USA Today is talking about the "...


Huffington Post: Confessions of a Former Mormon Doomsday Prepper

by Huffington Post | Mormon Life

MR says: Recently there have been a lot of rumors about the world ending, and while as Latter-day Saints we...


17 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Family Food Storage Without Even Knowing It

by Meridian Magazine | Mormon Life

MR says: We all know what we should do for food storage--and maybe feel a little guilty that we don't-...