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New Year's Resolution Re-make

by Jack S. Marshall - FUN FOR LESS | Adventures in Travel

Giving up on New Years' resolutions is common because most people don’t understand the purposes of New Year...


The Promise of Far Away Places

by S. Michael Wilcox | Adventures in Travel

When I was young I used to sit enthralled in the auditorium of my high school listening to John Goddard whi...

I Will Cause the Earth to Testify the Truth of these Things

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

Elder LeGrand Richards responding to a question from Dr. Paul Cheesman, Director of Book of Mormon Studies ...

Cruise or Tour Pre-Tour Checklist

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

Begin packing 2 or 3 days prior to your trip • The greatest stress to your vacation is the packing and lack...


Walking Where Jesus Walked

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

When I walk through the Biblical sites of Jerusalem, I often think of the story told of Neal Armstrong when...


A Box of Chocolates and a Getaway

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

My wife Lizzie came home one day giggling, handed me a piece of paper while saying she loved the story on i...


Central America: In the Glow of the Golden Plates

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

“….an allure incomparable with any place in the world.” Though all countries and climes of the earth are wo...


Hidden Jewel of Creation

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

“This was the most spectacular place I have visited in the world…..” I always knew it was there, the last c...


Zarahemla Christmas

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

Perhaps the most spectacular city in the Maya world is that of Tikal, located in the Peten Jungle of Guatem...


Santa's of the World

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

Come with us as we travel the world finding the traditions of Saint Nick... England From England we have ac...