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Apostles Visit South America, Discover Surprise Gospel Contact with Chilean Pres.

by LDS Church News | Official Church Info

A recent apostolic trip to the southern nations of South America demonstrated the growing ties between the ...


LDS General Authorities on 'Finishing the Race'

by | Opinions & Features

During the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, John Stephen Akhwari placed last in the marathon, yet major sports...


23 CS Lewis Quotes Shared in LDS General Conference

by Deseret News | Everything Else

The month of November, and particularly Nov. 22, marks the 50th anniversary of C. S. Lewis’ death. Lewis’ w...


5 Favorite Memes from Pres. Packer

by LDS Living Staff | Self Improvement Lifestyle

We love President Packer, and love learning from him even more. After picking up a copy of In Wisdom & ...


28 Tips for Every Mormon Couple: Marriage Advice, Encouragement from LDS Leaders

by Deseret News | What We Believe

Marriage advice has rarely been hard to come by, and the wealth of relationship recommendations available o...


Opinion: The Big LDS Picture

by Millennial Star | Opinions & Features

Just this week, my friend Jana Riess wrote an article regarding an attack made on Elder Oaks because of his...


Updated LDS General Authorities Chart — October 2013

by LDS Church News | Official Church Info

The Church News edition of Oct. 27, 2013, contained a two-page chart showing the General Authorities of The...


Elder Graham Doxey, Former Seventy, Passes Away

by | Official Church Info

Elder Graham Watson Doxey, former member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, passed away at his home in Sa...


Full Text of October Conference Talks Available Online

by | Official Church Info

2013 October Conference Read Watch Listen Print Download ...


M. Russell Ballard: The Real Deal

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Mormons We Know

Today is M. Russell Ballard's birthday. Wahoo! He was born Born October 8, 1928. Here are a dozen things to...