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Food Nanny Sneek Peak

by LDS Living Staff | Arts & Entertainment

Watch Food Nanny Season 2 on BYUtv Thurs. at 6, starting March 31. ...


{Food Dish} Crazy Pregnancy Food Cravings

by Ashley Evanson | The Food Dish

Being pregnant has changed my relationship with food. I had no idea my body was so in tune with very specif...

Cover Shoot with Our Best Bites Gals

by LDS Living staff | People


Essential Herb Gardening

by Sara Patterson | Around the House

Food gardening has proven to be a useful, and tasty, hobby for many. For some, it is a passion. “You feel a...


{Food Dish} Ultimate Guide: Jell-O Recipes

by Ashley Evanson | The Food Dish

Don’t be fooled—these are not your typical Jell-O-with-fruit-and-Cool-Whip recipes. Show up to the next war...


{Food Dish} Cooking with the Girls from Our Best Bites

by Ashley Jones | Recipes The Food Dish

Here’s the situation: I'm in my kitchen wearing a flowery apron that once belonged to my grandmother, chopp...


{LDS How-to} Teach an Etiquette Night with the Youth

by Ashley Jones | How-to

A couple of weeks ago, the young women president in my ward asked me to be the guest speaker for the youth ...


{Food Dish} Recipe Review: Our Best Bites in LDS Living

by Ashley Evanson | Recipes The Food Dish

In the LDS Living magazine Jan/Feb 2011 issue we featured recipes from our favorite food blog : Our Best Bi...


{Food Dish} What Happens When Normal People Try to Bake

by Ashley Evanson | Recipes The Food Dish

My mom’s birthday was last weekend and I wanted to bake her an amazing cake. I found this recipe for a salt...


POLL: To Cook with Alcohol, or Not?

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Cooking Techniques The Food Dish

Recently as I looked over the upcoming cookbook from The Roof Restaurant (I’ll plug it now: it looks amazin...