Texas Sports Hall of Fame Coach Shares How a Home Teacher Changed His Life, Lead to His Conversion

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Rick Sherley, a Texas Sports Basketball Hall of Fame coach, shares how his home teacher, General Authority ...


May 2017 Visiting and Home Teaching Message: General Conference

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For this month's visiting and home teaching messages, focus on ministering to the those you teach. Pick a m...


April 2017 First Presidency Message: "The Just Shall Live by Faith"

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When we learn about faith, we come to understand that a significant part of developing faith involves takin...


March 2017 First Presidency Message: "Armed with Righteousness"

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How do we fight evil today? There are many different tactics that Satan uses to attack us and our families ...


The Six-Word Phrase All Mormons Should Stop Saying

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Our church is one of true service--not just lip service . I stared at the woman’s Facebook entry. It was se...


February 2017 First Presidency Message: "As I Have Loved You"

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In this month's First Presidency message, President Monson reminds us how important it is to have a foundat...


Watch: LDS Actor Shows the Absolute Worst Way to Home Teach in Funny Video

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In his October 2016 general conference talk " Emissaries to the Church ," Elder Holland asked the brethren ...


January 2017 First Presidency Message: "Aiming at the Center"

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8 Gifts Your Home and Visiting Teaching Families Will Love

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Whether you want to leave a spiritual message or just let those you visit and home teach know that you're t...


December 2016 First Presidency Message: "Peace in This Life"

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In the First Presidency message for December 2016, President Henry B. Eyring shares a touching story of how...