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October 2014 Home Teaching Message: The Prayer of Faith

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

Prayer is more than words we speak to God. It is a two-way communication between God and His children. When...


September 2014 Home Teaching Message: Are We Prepared?

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

In the vicinity where I once lived and served, the Church operated a poultry project, staffed primarily by ...


Mormon Dad Designs New Home Teaching App

by Deseret News | News from Utah Lesson Helps

For Dax Castro of West Sacramento, California, there seem to be countless obstacles to fulfilling an import...


August 2014 Home Teaching Message: God's Harvest

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

A woman named Christa once worked for a small seed company. She loved her job. It was a source of immense w...


8 Ways to Be a Better Home and Visiting Teacher

by The 8 Ways 2 | Mormon Life Lesson Helps

You’re sitting in church, head down, looking at the time. It’s been a long 3 hours since you arrived and yo...


Church Releases Major Update for LDS Tools App

by LDS Church News | From the Church Lesson Helps

Hundreds of thousands of members and Church leaders use the LDS Tools mobile app every month to contact mem...


July 2014 Home Teaching Message: The Promise of Hearts Turning

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

My mother, Mildred Bennion Eyring, grew up in the farming community of Granger, Utah, USA. One of her broth...


What's the Big Deal About Home Teaching?

by Deseret News | Mormon Life Lesson Helps

The Gospel Doctrine lesson was titled “The Lord Be Between Me and Thee for Ever.” It was a lesson about the...


June 2014 Home Teaching Message: Hastening the Work

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

Do you realize that the restored Church was 98 years old before it had 100 stakes? But less than 30 years l...


April 2014 Home Teaching Message: A Firmly Set Anchor

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

Not long ago I had the opportunity to sail on a great ship along the marvelous coast of Alaska, USA. While ...