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LDS Living's Top 10 for 2011: No. 10

by LDS Living | Hot Topics

Click here to see all the other days. 2011 has been quite the "Mormon moment" with politicians, musicals, a...


To Mormons, With Love from Your Non-LDS Neighbor

by Chrisy Ross | Hot Topics

(Don't forget to take our "To Mormons" poll here .) We didn’t intend to be the only nonmembers in our ward....


The National Debt and the Election of 2012

by Senator Gordon Smith | Hot Topics

Today most of what politicians argue and clamor about devolves down to the distribution of “stuff”—money an...


Super Bowl Poll

by LDS Living staff | Hot Topics Polls

Super Bowl Sunday is a hot topic in the LDS community and we understand our readers choose to acknowlege it...


The hCG Diet Debate

by Mary Olsen | Health Hot Topics

*Don't forget to take our Weight Loss Poll . Years ago it was Atkins. Then it was South Beach. Today, some ...


Would You Vote for Someone Just Because They’re Mormon?

by Ashley Evanson | LDS Living Blog Hot Topics

Buzz about the 2012 presidential election is already in full swing. But with no real Republican front-runne...


How to Celebrate Halloween on a Sunday

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Activities Holidays Hot Topics

When I was growing up and Halloween fell on a Sunday, my parents simply told us we didn’t go out. I never q...

The Untouchables Video: Leprosy in India

by LDS Living | Global View Hot Topics Opinions & Features

Read The Untouchables: Part I , Part II , and Part III . ...


The Untouchables: Part 3

by Jamie Lawson | Global View Hot Topics

Click here to watch a video on Jamie Lawson's experience in India at the leprosy colony. In case you missed...


Poll: To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?

by LDS Living Staff | Hot Topics Polls

In LDS Living’s September/October 2010 issue, we ran an article on homeschooling that discussed some of the...