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LDS Church makes $2.1M land purchase

by The Times-Tribune | Everything Else

The sale this week of 10 acres of land in Oakland Twp., Susquehanna County, to the Church of Jesus Christ o...

Pre-existent Memories: C.S. Lewis, Joseph Smith and the Hero’s Journey, Part Two

by Motley Vision | Best of LDS Blogs

As outlined in my last post , Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” and concepts like Carl Jung’s archetypes a...


'Visual Resource DVDs' now available for Doctrine and Covenants

by LDS Church News | Official Church Info

Members here are proud of that past. They know about the Italian missionary efforts of Peter's and Paul's l...


BYU Studies examines errors and exaggeration of 'white horse prophecy'

by BYU Studies | Everything Else

The so-called white horse prophecy has been cited in news media as the source of a prophecy that Latter-day...


Destination: Palmyra, N.Y.

by Angela Lankford | U.S.

Autumn in Palmyra, New York is breathtaking. The colors of fall are presented in the form of apple orchards...

Mormon scholar explains the historical difficulty created by the Golden Plates

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Historian Richard L. Bushman wants "to bring the Gold Plates out of hiding." The record that Joseph Smith s...


Things I Didn't Know in Church History about Palmyra, New York!

by John L. Lund | U.S.

Why did Joseph Smith's father choose to live in Palmyra? Obviously, the Lord guided his pathway so that you...

The Mission of Joseph Smith (Heber J. Grant Lesson 2)

by LDS Living Staff | Relief Society/Priesthood

Charles Henry Stoddard W hile employed by the Prophet Joseph, William Law requested Charles to come and wor...

The Book of Mormon: A Great Answer to "The Great Question"

by LDS Living Staff | Arts & Entertainment

T he Book of Mormon provides resounding and great answers to what Amulek designated as "the great question"...

Thoughts on Gospel Doctrine Lesson 1

by LDS Living Staff | Sunday School

W e are fortunate that the close friends and associates of Joseph Smith who participated in the discovery, ...