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Breaking Down Barriers

by Kate Ensign-Lewis and Jamie Lawson | Global View Hot Topics

Many were stunned by the fall of the Wall, but the event was far from sudden; people from all walks of life...

Making a Difference: Modesty Gives Back

by Michelle Garrett | LDS Life

For Trish Wilhite, the founder of ModBe Clothing, her clothing designs are about more than fashion - they'r...

Anything but Ordinary

by James N. Kimball and Kent Miles | LDS Life

Tsobinar Tadevosyan Gulag Survivor, Teacher | Yerevan, Armenia I was born on July 6, 1930, in Tbilisi, Geor...


From Homemaker to Breadwinner: Tips for Women Who Suddenly Have to Support Their Families

by Jamie Lawson

Economic downturn, divorce, or a spouse’s illness or death can force a homemaker into the job market withou...

At the Crossroads of the West

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | LDS Life

In 1929, Music and the Spoken Word ( MSW ) began greeting listeners weekly in homes across the United State...

Serving with Smiles

by Shannon Johnson | Activities Global View

Corinne Allen and Elizabeth Jeffrey were looking for a way to teach their children to appreciate how much t...


3 Nephites Spotted on I-80

by Kate Ensign-Lewis - LDS Living | Everything Else

Mable Firstap was driving between Ohio and Pennsylvania when she spotted three clean-cut men walking on the...