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10 Common Words That Mean Something Different to Mormons

by Aggieland Mormons | Fun Mormon Life

Mormon jargon can be confusing with specially defined words and acronyms. Here’s a list of 10 common words ...


This Is What FHE Is Really Like for Parents

by Carly M. Springer | Humor Fun

1. Excitement Mondays are the worst. But Monday nights are the best! Time for family home evening!  2....


LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Aug 2-8)

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JK Rowling Sends "Letter from Dumbledore" to LDS Texas Shooting Survivor Mormon Cassidy Stay has received c...


Married at 19: Worth Every “Lost Experience”

by Kelsey Berteaux | Mormon Life

I never planned to be a teenage bride. In fact, since I was a little girl, I planned to go on a mission. An...


9 Famous Author Quotes About Mormons

by Carly M. Springer | Famous Mormons Fun

The world is taking notice of the LDS Church, and this is especially evident in mainstream literature. Ofte...


The 5 Funniest Mormon YouTube Videos of All Time

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It's easy to end up spending hours clicking around on YouTube and watching all sorts of cat videos and time...


LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Jul 26 - Aug 1)

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13 Jobs You'll Be Surprised Were Held By General Authorities One of the most beautiful things about the LDS...


To Mormons, With Love from Your Non-LDS Neighbor

by Chrisy Ross | Makes You Think

We didn’t intend to be the only nonmembers in our ward. We knew we’d be in the religious minority when we m...


12 Funny Mormon Lingo Mix-ups

by Carly Springer & Kelsey Berteaux | Humor Fun

Sometimes it's easy for lifelong members to forget not everyone grew up a Latter-day Saint. All it takes is...


LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (July 19-25)

by LDS Living Staff | News from Utah

3 Words Married People Should Stop Saying to Singles A little while ago I went on a date with a new guy. He...