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Chiles en Nogada

by Amado Daruich | Recipes

6 large green chiles, for stuffing 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1/2 pound ground pork of beef 3 garlic cloves...


Slow Cooker Comfort Food

by Judith Finlayson | Recipes

Down Home Chicken Gumbo 1 tablespoon olive oil 8 ounces fresh chorizo sausage, removed from casings 2 onion...

Gourmet Cupcake Platter

by Wendy Paul | Recipes

Chocolate Cream Chocolate cream cupcakes are simple to prepare, yet elegant and full of rich chocolate flav...


Spicy Chicken Corn Chowder

by Jackie Mitchell | Recipes

I combined three different recipes to make this one and added a few twists of my own. My family just finish...

Fattoush Salad

by Sarah Lee | Recipes

I got the recipe for this Lebanese salad from a dear Iraqi friend, who is a Chaldean Christian. There are n...