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FHE: Withholding Judgment

by Shauna Gibby | August 13, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Conference Talk: For more information on this topic read “ The Merciful Obtain Mercy ,” by President Dieter...


When You Don't Feel Inspired at Church: 4 Reasons Why and How to Change It

by Jannalee Sandau | August 4, 2018 | Mormon Life

How many times have you gone to church, said hi to a few people, sat through class, maybe made a comment or...


Old Testament Lesson 47: "Let Us Rise Up and Build"

by Ted L. Gibbons | June 18, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction I have always enjoyed pointing out to my students verses in the scriptures that are about them...


Old Testament Lesson 44: "Everything Shall Live Whither the River Cometh"

by Ted L. Gibbons | June 7, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction Temples are popping up like dandelions in an untended lawn. We have the joy of living when onl...


Old Testament Lesson 40: "Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent"

by Ted L. Gibbons | May 24, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction When I served in the U.S. Army, I had the opportunity on a number of occasions to assist in er...


Old Testament Lesson 39: "How Beautiful Upon the Mountains"

by Ted L. Gibbons | May 22, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction I asked my institute students if they had beautiful feet. They thought I had gone mad, of cour...


Old Testament Lesson 37: "Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things"

by Ted L. Gibbons | May 15, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction What is the best thing anyone ever did for you? Have you experienced an act of service or sacr...


Old Testament Lesson 36: "The Glory of Zion Will Be a Defense"

by Ted L. Gibbons | May 14, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction This amazing thing happens in 1st Nephi: And I did read many things unto them which were writt...


Old Testament Lesson 35: God Reveals His Secrets to His Prophets

by Ted L. Gibbons | May 7, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction I was presenting a missionary discussion to a family in my mission field many years ago. ...


Old Testament Lesson 34: "I Will Betroth Thee Unto Me in Righteousness"

by Ted L. Gibbons | May 5, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Introduction Elder Ronald E. Poelman of the Seventy spoke of the message of Hosea: My message today might b...