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What (and What Not) to Say to Someone with Disabilities

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I pushed the cart through the crowded aisles, shaking my head at the squeaking whine coming from the left f...


Vogue & Virtue: Modest Fashion at the Grammy Awards

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Now before we start nit-picking, let me clarify: not all these dresses are 100% modest by LDS standards. Bu...


The Best of Mormon Humor from the Internet

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Fab Five: Reasons to Love Valentine's Day

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Vogue & Virtue: Modest Fashion at the Golden Globes

by Kate Ensign-Lews | Lifestyle

The celebrities we see in magazines and on the big screen are probably the last people we should emulate, b...


5 Tips for Outsmarting Debt

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If you often find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck with little left over for any unexpected expens...


{Lifestyle} Everyday Shortcuts: 9 Tips to Save Time

by LDS Living Staff | Lifestyle

1. Conquer Clutter Every night before going to bed, take fifteen minutes as a family to walk through the ho...


{Poll} What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

by Kaela Worthen Gardner | Lifestyle Polls

I've been setting many of the same goals each year. Lose 10 pounds. Run a marathon has been on my list for ...


{Lifestyle} Winter Sports for Family Gatherings

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This year, why not try something a little wild and crazy? Instead of the same old stuff, jazz up your winte...


{Lifestyle} 25 Days of Christmas Memories: Week 4

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LDS Living has made this Christmas "bucket list" of 25 activities to do with friends and family this Decemb...