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My Mom, My Gym Suit, and Love

by Marianne Jennings | People

For seventh-grade gym class in 1965, we paid $7.00 for a white one-piece knee length jumpsuit with an elast...

Staying Connected

by Connie Sokol | Self Improvement

In his classic The Great Divorce, a story about the separation of Heaven and Hell, C.S. Lewis describes the...

Choose Carefully Those You Date

by Gary and Joy Lundberg | Marriage & Relationships

And while people don’t wear “I’m a loser” signs, you can look for clues to the kind of people they really a...

Just Like Dad

by George D. Durrant

Greetings, fellow fathers. Can you think of anything more magnificent than being a father? As far back as I...

Does Your Teen Really Listen? Do You?

by Anna Brunson McIntyre | Parenting

Imagine trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t understand English. Would you repeatedly shout the i...