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Why I Disagree When Someone Says People Who Struggle Are 'Broken'

by By Common Consent | Makes You Think

I’ve been trying to figure out when “broken” became the new normal. I don’t remember the term “broken peopl...


What LDS Moms Want You to Know About Dating

by The LDS Matchmaker | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When it comes to dating advice we often roll our eyes when mom gets on her soap box to dispense unsolicited...


Your Children Are Listening in Primary, Even When You Think They Aren't

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

A few days ago, we were at Thanksgiving Point for the annual Tulip Festival. As a last stop, we walked over...


Why I Stopped Caring About Kids Eating in Sacrament Meeting

by Segullah | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I sat in Sacrament meeting, watching the mother in front of me rip open a bag of fruit snacks. Five years a...


5 Strategies for Answering Difficult Gospel Questions

by Scott Thormaehlen, Author of <em>Day of Defense: Positive Talking Points for the Latter Days</em> | Makes You Think

Once again, general conference has come and gone, and members of the Church are left with the words of prop...


What Did Jesus Look Like As a Boy? Image From Italy 'Scientifically Recreates' Picture

by The Christian Times | News from Utah Makes You Think

The "angelic" face of a 12-year-old Jesus has been recreated using the image taken from the Shroud of Turin...


Why I'm Afraid of Marriage: Confessions of a Single LDS Man

by Zack Oates | Makes You Think Mormon Life

At the start of this year, I got tired of not being able to see the world. So, with careful financial plann...


Studies Show Latter-day Saints More Faithful As They Become More Educated

by The Daily Universe | News from Utah Makes You Think

College graduates across the country face the daunting task of transitioning from their education to career...


Why I Think Mother's Day Is Overrated

by Fox News | Makes You Think

According to the National Retail Federation, you and I will drop north of $20 billion on our mothers this w...


Could a Smaller Missionary Age Gap Mean Fewer ‘Dear Johns’?

by The Daily Universe | News from Utah Makes You Think

Traditionally, some LDS missionaries have entered the field fearing they may receive a “Dear John” letter i...