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Five Ways to Honor the Sabbath as a Family

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As individual members of the Church of Jesus Christ, it’s easy to generate a list of things we can do to ke...


How My Testimony Helped Me Overcome Paralysis Twice

by Deseret News | Makes You Think

MR Says: What an inspiring example of relying on the Savior to overcome life's toughest trials. On Dec. 22,...


Why Taking the Lord's Name in Vain Means More Than Just Swearing

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MR says: Are there ways you could have been using the Lord's name carelessly, without even realizing i...


The Assassination of Joseph Smith: 3 Details You Might Not Have Known

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As Joseph Smith’s ministry matured, he understood himself as a key player in the kingdom of God on earth an...


What Happened When Janice Kapp Perry Embraced Family History

by Meridian Magazine | Famous Mormons Makes You Think

During the last two decades of her life, during her 21 years of widowhood, my mother completely devoted her...


Popular LDS Fashion Blogger Delivers Powerful Testimony

by Days of Chandler | Makes You Think

"This last week has been one of the most terrifying, confusing, heart wrenching times of my life in regards...


LDS Scholar Defends Book of Mormon as Ancient Record

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Critics of the Book of Mormon often demand its advocates provide the strongest single piece of archaeologic...


Letter to Missionary Daughter: "A Mission Isn't for You"

by Jason F. Wright | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Exactly 25 years ago this week, I said goodbye to my family and stepped into the Missionary Training C...


What President Packer Said About His Own Funeral

by LDS Living | Makes You Think

Today's funeral for President Boyd K. Packer focused more on doctrine than your average funeral--just the w...


2 Rabbis Share 'What Jews Can Learn From Mormons'

by eJewish Philanthrophy | Makes You Think

Thanks to for pointing out this great article!  Passover in July? Not for Jews, but for millio...