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Elder Holland Answers Questions from a Missionary Who Returned Early Due to Mental Problems in Personal Video

by LDS Living | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

In a candid, very personal video directed to one Latter-day Saint, Elder Holland explained that every membe...


Seer Stones & Hats: How to Answer Difficult Questions About the Book of Mormon Translation So Even Kids Can Understand

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Why did Joseph Smith need seer stones and a hat to translate the Book of Mormon? These LDS parents answer t...


Are Mormons Missing the Whole Point of Using “Brother,” “Sister,” Thee,” and “Thou”?

by By Common Consent | Makes You Think Mormon Life

This is a very interesting perspective showing how the meaning of "Thee" and "Thou" and other titles in the...


6 Orphaned Refugees and How One Ward Is Helping Them Stay Together As a Family

by Fox 13 News | Mormon Life

They were forced from their home in Burundi to live as refugees. Then, after being uprooted to the United S...


What Critics & Many Saints Don't Realize About the Meaning of "Mormon"

by Happiness Seekers | Makes You Think Mormon Life

We know Mormon was an ancient prophet. We know our scriptures are named after him. But not many Mormons und...


Eliza R. Snow As a Victim of Sexual Violence: What One Historian Learned

by Juvenile Instructor | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Recently, at a Mormon women's history conference held at Brigham Young University, historian Andrea  G...


To the Child Who Gets My Little Brother’s Heart: A Touching Letter from an LDS Brother

by Medium | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When an LDS family lost a brother and son suddenly when he was hit by a truck, one of his brothers had a su...


An Honest Letter About Pornography Every Mormon Needs to Read

by My Life By Gogogoff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Latter-day Saints have often been taught about the dangers of pornography. However, sometimes in talking ab...


FHE: Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me

by Kimiko Christensen Hammari, excerpted from "I Know the Scriptures Are True" | Fun Mormon Life

Resources (Select one from each category.) Children’s Songbook I Am a Child of God (2) I Lived in Heaven (4...


7 Tools That Can Completely Transform Your Scripture Study

by Happiness Seekers | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Wanting to get more out of your scripture study? Here are some tips and resources you can turn to that migh...