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If People in the Book of Mormon Were Sorted into Hogwarts Houses

by Utah Valley 360 | Humor Fun Mormon Life

The magical world of Harry Potter has captured the imaginations of millions of people worldwide, and m...


Prince of Tonga Attends First Sacrament Meeting on Island of 'Atata

by Newsroom | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

What an exciting and historic event for the Saints in Tonga! On Sunday, 28 February, His Royal Highness Vil...


A Simple Message Everyone Should Read On St. Patrick's Day: You're Lucky Enough

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For this Saint Patrick's Day, learn what luck really means, and how you have it in infinite measure in your...


A Spiritual Danger of Technology That No One Ever Thinks About

by Segullah | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The internet has enabled people to become more widely informed without a formal education. It has helped to...


5 Words Every Woman Needs to Stop Saying Right Now

by iBelieve | Makes You Think Mormon Life

This post, though written by a sister not of our faith, highlights something that all of us should remember...


9 Reasons the Earth Needed to Be Flooded in Noah's Time

by Meridian Magazine | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I had never thought about the flood in this way before. Number nine really surprised me and got me thinking...


Mormon Refused to Deny the Book of Mormon, Now Inspiring New Kansas Law

by ABC News | Mormon Life

Would you have the strength to stand for your faith despite ridicule and persecution? Daniel Arkell was lea...


Powerful Video: People of Many Faiths Testify of Christ, Without Saying a Word

by LDS Living | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

In a video posted by Wendy Santiano on YouTube , people from all different faith backgrounds were asked dee...


The Power of Saying No, Even Within the Church

by Segullah | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Sometimes saying no, even to good things, really just frees us to say yes to something bigger the Lord has ...


Alex Boye Dedicates Concert to Mormon Critically Injured in Freak Bounce House Accident

by The Daily Universe | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

What a sweet example to all of us: “I think people should like themselves more,” said a Mormon man paralyze...