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5 Questions to Get the Most from Any Sunday School Lesson

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Let’s be honest. Not all Sunday School lessons are created equal. Some are thought-provoking and stay with ...


Doors Opening for New Zealand Sister Missionaries

by New Zealand Herald | Mormon Life

In popular culture, religious missionaries are used to having doors slammed in their faces. But two members...


400-Calorie Meals That Actually Taste Good

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Asian Pepper Pork Serves 6–8 This slow-cooker dish makes wonderful leftovers, hot or cold. Fresh garlic and...


Dave Says: How to Teach Your Teens Financial Responsibilty

by Dave Ramsey | Mormon Life

Dear Dave, My son works, but he’s 19 and lives at home. He’s on my auto insurance and cell phone accounts, ...


Is My Food Storage Safe to Eat?

by Utah Valley 360 | Mormon Life

You’re standing there in your basement with a very old can of soup in your hand. You bought the soup about ...


Simple Steps to Using Ward & Stake Calendars on

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The recent updates to the Calendar on make scheduling and keeping track of ward and stake events ea...


7 Financial Mistakes Every Latter-day Saint Family Should Avoid

by Aggieland Mormons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

At a time when concerns about family finances are widely believed to be a leading cause of marital discord ...

Visitors Praise Christmas Spirit, Temple Lights in New Zealand

by Scoop | Mormon Life


Making a Mission the Best Two Years For Your Life

by The Way of Carraway | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I left on my mission February 23rd, 2011 and went to serve in Philadelphia, PA. I'll never forget my very f...


Returned Missionary Talks about Mental Illness and Early Release

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I hope they call me on a mission When I have grown a foot or two. I hope by then I will be ready To teach a...