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7 Changes in the Church from the Last 10 Years of General Conferences

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9 Landmark Conference Talks Written as Tweets

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1.  "The Purifying Power of Gethsemane" by Elder Bruce R. McConkie  2.  "Stand Strong Agains...


Dave Says: How to Give Advice to Your Parents Going Through Divorce

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Dear Dave, My parents are going through a divorce, and money issues are a big part of the problem. My dad b...


4 Children of the Brethren Share What It's Like to Grow Up With an Apostle as Your Dad

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42 Telltale Signs You Have a Big Family

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Getting Engaged Fast & Married Young: I Didn't Want to Be 'One of Those Girls'

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I have always wanted to be married in the temple. Who I would be married to and when we would be married wa...