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Poll: Should We 'Reconsider Sleepovers'?

by Kelsey Berteaux | Parenting Lifestyle

Sleepovers . They can be tons of fun for kids and a great night off for parents. Or they can turn into an u...


SPONSORED: Teens Share More Online than Ever Before--and It’s Not a Good Thing

by Russ Warner | Parenting

Pew Internet and American Life Project conducted a study to compare things teens posted on social networks ...


Protect Your Children from Inappropriate Websites

by Russ Warner | Parenting

The average age of pornography exposure is 11 years old. In most of these initial exposure cases, unsuitabl...


Should You Pay Your Kids for Good Grades?

by Jessica Carter | Parenting

I'll admit it: I pay my kids for earning good grades. Cold, hard cash. Is this a bribe? Many parents would ...


How to Stop a Cyberbully

by Jamie Cline | Parenting

As youngsters, we all recognized the bully—that black-jacketed kid who burned ants with a magnifying glass....


How to Keep Your Kids Safe on iPhones (and Other Apple Devices)

by Russ Warner | Parenting

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple sold over 9 million new phones. That's crazy! Many kids, including m...


What Teens Wish You Knew

by LDS Living Staff | Parenting Tips

Each generation faces a new set of challenges, and each generation continues to complain, “Parents just don...


What Teachers Wish You Knew

by Jamie Cline | Parenting

Even though your child may complain when sent off to school, don't underestimate the importance that he or ...


Mormon Men: We Keep It to Ourselves + Poll

by Kaela Worthen Gardner and Jamie Lawson | LDS Life Marriage & Relationships Parenting

Not surprisingly, we found that men don’t share what’s on their minds as easily as women often do. But the ...


Mormon Men: We Don't Want Unrighteous Dominion

by Kaela Worthen Gardner and Jamie Lawson | LDS Life Marriage & Relationships Parenting

"Lately in the media it seems that there is growing attention being given to the movements for the so-calle...