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Just Asking: Interview with Elaine Dalton

by LDS Living | People

Q: In 2008 the Young Women General Presidency called for a “return to virtue” and added the value into the ...


Michael McLean's Interview with LDS Living: More behind the scenes from the article

by Kaela Worthen Gardner | People

In the November/December 2011 issue of LDS Living , we published an article on Michael McLean's Forgotten C...


Interview with David Archuleta: Staying in Tune

by Jamie Lawson | People

David Archuleta was born with music in his blood. He grew up watching his father, Jeff, play the trumpet wi...

Behind the Scenes with David Archuleta

by LDS Living | People

Behind the scenes at David's photo shoot with LDS Living: David responds to LDS Living's reader questions: ...


David Archuleta: Photo Gallery

by LDS Living | People

To check out some behind-the-scenes video from our photoshoot with David, click here . Photo courtesy of Da...


WWII Refugee to Mormon: Walter Maschmeyer's Journey

by Whitney Sorensen | People

At age twelve, Walter Maschmeyer traversed Germany amid the turmoil of World War II. Traveling only  w...


Interview with Elizabeth Smart: Faith, Forgiveness, and Hope for the Future

by Jamie Lawson | People

Nine years ago, Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom. After surviving a horrific nine-month ordeal...


Just Asking: Stephen Jones

by LDS Living | People

Q: You starred in one of the most viral internet videos for 2010 and you just graduated; what’s next? A: Or...


Just Asking: Ardeth Kapp

by LDS Living staff | People

One on one with the educator and former Young Women general president. Q - What has been the most rewarding...



by Hilary Weeks | People

Ex-traor-di-nar-y  [ik- strawr -dn-er-ee] 1. Beyond what is usual, ordinary or established. 2. Notewor...