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LDS Singer Creates Heartrending, Beautiful Tribute for Families Who've Lost a Child

by LDS Living | Videos

LDS artist Sarah Bertola knows the pain of losing a precious little angel first hand, having lost her niece...


3 Things We All Can Learn from the Young Women Theme

by Jen Brewer | Mormon Life

Thirty seconds. That’s it. Thirty seconds, one time a week. For six years. And unless you get called to ser...


Near-Death Experiences Support Doctrine of Spirit World

by Standard-Examiner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I’m fascinated by the pop science/theology behind near-death experiences. I’ve read the “Life After Life” b...


A Letter to a Young Mormon: What Sin Really Is

by BYU Studies | Makes You Think

Dear S., Being a good person doesn’t mean you’re not a sinner. Sin goes deeper. Being good will save you a ...


Letter to a Grieving Stranger in a Cemetery: It Gets Better

by Jason F. Wright | Makes You Think

Dear Sir in the cemetery, I saw you last Sunday. I was driving home from a church in the northern part of V...


LDS Family Fighting Cystic Fibrosis in 3 Children with Testimony of Plan of Salvation

by LDS Living | News from Utah

"CF is not forever," shares a young LDS family from Arizona. CF, or cystic fibrosis, is a hereditary diseas...


Can You Use Humor to 'Mourn with Those that Mourn'?

by Segullah | Humor Makes You Think Mormon Life

We’ve talked here at Segullah before about grief, and how for all of our Mormon doctrine about hope and lif...


Have We Misunderstood Satan's War on Agency?

by Connor's Conundrums | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Understanding how agency works will help us understand how Satan sought—and seeks—to undermine it. Agency r...


Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith Lesson 3: The Plan of Salvation

by LDS Living Staff | Relief Society/Priesthood

Get the full lesson "The Plan of Salvation "  from the Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith at ...


Living long: Religious thinkers ponder the ethical, theological implications of delaying death

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

For millennia, religion has helped people cope with mortality, teaching that death is not something to fear...