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LDS Seminary Can Change Lives

by LDS Media Talk | What We Believe

A testimony is necessary to get through the difficult teenage years. In the video below, President Thomas S...

"Parent Pep Talks" Offers Tips for Helping Young Athletes

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Parenting an athletic child can be both rewarding and confusing. Parents, wanting to help, may wonder where...

LDS Seminary to All the World

by LDS Media Talk | Official Church Info

With more than 390,000 teenagers participating in seminary worldwide, the seminary education program of The...


Modesty: It's for Boys, Too

by Jamie Lawson | Parenting

Recently, my 13-year-old son began lifting weights after school. As a result, he has developed large, well-...


Dave Says: A Model Opportunity?

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, My daughter is 14, and she was recently offered a steady weekend modeling job. Do you have any a...


Teaching Kids Money Sense

by Erin Jones | Parenting How-to Tips

“Don’t use real money. Use that magic piece of plastic.” Those were the words then–bank president Neale God...

Tips for living: Fantastic friendships better for teens than romance

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Teens and occasionally their parents seem to think something is wrong if the adolescents aren’t in a romant...


Do Your Children Act Entitled?

by Dr. Jonathan Swinton, PHD, LMFT | Parenting

There has been a shift in culture and expectations among young people today. “What’s in it for me?” is now ...

Music Video: Mission Man

by LDS Media Talk | Arts & Entertainment

In the spirit of the new missionary age announcement, “Mission Man (Gotta Teach ‘Em All!) is a video put to...


ESPN: LDS high school quarterback helps bullied special needs student

by ESPN | Saints & Sports

In the scrub-brush desert town of Queen Creek, Ariz., high school bullies were throwing trash at sophomore ...