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How This Aspect of the Book of Mormon Helped a Man Come Back to the Church

by Tad R. Callister, excerpted from "A Case for the Book of Mormon" | August 20, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The story is told of a church that evidently lost some of its parishioners to The Church of Jesus Christ of...


"Come, Follow Me" July 29–August 4: "A Minister and a Witness"

by LDS Living Staff | July 26, 2019 | Lesson Helps

This week’s readings: Acts 22–28 Don’t forget to record your impressions and read the ideas outlined in the...


How This Man with ALS Made History and Deepened His Faith Crossing the Atlantic

by Danielle B. Wagner | June 29, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In December 2018, Alan Alderman could see nothing ahead except expansive, endless water. More than 2,000 mi...


A Glimpse into the Final Moments of Joseph Smith's Life from a Witness to His Martyrdom

by John Taylor (Edited by Mark H. Taylor, Adapted from "Witness to the Martyrdom") | June 27, 2019 | Makes You Think

In honor of the 175th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum, ...


“Come, Follow Me” FHE: Testimony and Conversion

by Jessica Grimaud | June 7, 2019 | Lesson Helps

This week's FHE lesson topic comes from the Come, Follow Me reading in Matthew 26 ,  Mark 14 , Luke 22...


First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Share Beautiful Testimonies of the Savior After Rome Temple Dedication

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

After a historic weekend where President Nelson met with Pope Francis and all 15 apostles attended the Rome...


How I Lost 140 Pounds by Relying on the Lord

by Jenny Spencer Hunt | Mormon Life

 Losing 140 pounds is no easy feat. Just ask Trent Heppler. Never in a million years did he believe th...


How President Nelson Strengthened My Struggling Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

There are very few things I can stand at a pulpit and testify I know are true. Among them are that I know m...


The Story of a Missionary and His Faith Facing the Paradise Fire

by Rachel Trotter | Mormon Life

What a powerful testimony from this missionary serving in Paradise, California: This picture (above) was ta...


What to Do When You and Your Spouse Disagree on How to Live the Gospel

by Sunny McLellan Morton | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Sandra and Steve are a loving Latter-day Saint couple with an ongoing disagreement about Sabbath activities...