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Young Men Lesson 44: Becoming a Better Home Teacher

by Thomas S. Monson | Young Men Lesson Helps

Brethren of the priesthood, assembled here in the Conference Center and worldwide, I am humbled by the resp...

Young Women Lesson 42: Courage to Try

by Thomas S. Monson | Young Women

My dear young sisters, what a glorious sight you are. I realize that beyond this magnificent Conference Cen...

Closing Remarks from the 179th Annual Conference: ''Until We Meet Again''

by Thomas S. Monson | Arts & Entertainment

My beloved brothers and sisters, my heart is full and my feelings tender as we conclude this great general ...

Young Women Lesson 35: Living Righteously amid Pressures

by Thomas S. Monson | Young Women

My dear brothers and sisters, both within my view and assembled throughout the world, I seek an interest in...

Young Women Lesson 33: Avoiding Degrading Media Influences

by Thomas S. Monson | Young Women

Many years ago, on an assignment to the beautiful islands of Tonga, I was privileged to visit our Church sc...