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Perfect Packing

by LDS Living Staff | Travel Tips

Tired of arriving at your destination and finding that you forgot to bring some important items, and the cl...


Peace in the Backseat

by Joseph Walker | Adventures in Travel

We could listen to AM radio, which pretty much meant Mantovani or static (sometimes it was difficult for my...

Blessed Honored Pioneer

by S. Michael Wilcox | U.S. LDS Life

I walk slowly, looking frequently behind me to the lovely city and the temple reigning above it and let the...

Destination: Mesa Verde

by Adrienne Bass | U.S.

In 1888, on a snowy December day, two ranchers in southwest Colorado set out in search of stray cattle. Ric...

Pet Boarding Tips

by Claire Thornock Brazelton | Pets

Many pet owners choose to place their dog or cat in a kennel while the family is away, but it can be hard t...

The One Place in England I Must Always Visit

by S. Michael Wilcox | International Global View

I am sure in the future there will be time and space to express gratitude and respect for all this "scepter...

Pre-trip Preparations Check List

by Fun For Less Tours | Travel Tips

Begin packing 2 or 3 days prior to your trip The greatest stress to your vacation is the packing and lack o...

No Photos Please

by John L. Lund | Adventures in Travel

As Americans we are used to a tremendous amount of independent thinking. This translates into American tour...

The Nourishing Place - The Cathedrals of Europe

by S. Michael Wilcox | Global View Adventures in Travel

People travel to Europe for many reasons. There is so much to experience and every country has its own cult...

''Red Eggs'' of Romanian Christians Proved Stronger than the ''Red Stars'' of Communism

by John L. Lund | Global View

As World War II came to an end in 1946, Romania and many millions of people in the eastern European countri...