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I'm a Mormon, the Author of Ruby and a World-changer

by YouTube

Make sure you turn on the closed captioning to be able to understand what's being said! ...

David Archuleta Sings "Be Still My Soul" for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment

Just Off the Square: Favorite LDS Songs

by LDS Living Staff | Opinions & Features

Video: Lion House Pie Crust Secrets

by LDS Living Staff | Cooking Techniques

Learn how to make Lion House pie crust dough, and learn some helpful tricks for better crust from Brenda Ho...

"Hi, I'm Chris and yes, I'm a Mormon"

by LDS Church News

Who am I: I am husband to a wonderful wife. Father of two energetic boys. I work at the Library of Congress...

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

by Mormon Newsroom

Here's a Mormon Messages video from the archives; we thought it was a good time to pull it out for Thanksgi...

Mormons and Seattle-area Food Banks Unite in 'Yes We Can' Project

by Mormon Newsroom | Opinions & Features

Yes We Can, a community canning project in the Seattle area, has found a creative solution to feed the hung...

LDS Youth Video: Sharing the Light of Christ

by | What We Believe

The Untouchables Video: Leprosy in India

by LDS Living | Global View Hot Topics Opinions & Features

Read The Untouchables: Part I , Part II , and Part III . ...

Utah vs BYU: A Parent's Dilemma

by LDS Living Staff | Saints & Sports