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New Videos to Help #ShareGoodness Campaign

by LDS Church News | Videos

Over the next few months, the Church will release a series of brief videos that illustrate creative ways me...

New Bible Video: Feeding the 5,000

by Mormon Channel | Videos

5 Popular Movie Songs Performed by Tabernacle Choir

by Mormon Tabernacle Choir | Videos Fun

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has an ever-growing repertoire that includes everything from sacred hymns to po...

Music Video: Something Divine

by Mormon Channel | Videos

'Glorious' Cover by Mormon Lexi Walker

by YouTube | Videos Famous Mormons

Disney Duet with David Archuleta and Lexi Walker

by YouTube | Videos Famous Mormons


99 Crazy Foods Missionaries Eat

by YouTube | Videos Fun

New Bible Video: Christ's Authority is Questioned

by Mormon Channel | From the Church Videos


David Archuleta Announces Contest for New 'Glorious' Music Video

by LDS Living | News from Utah Videos Famous Mormons

"Meet the Mormons" Facebook page announced a unique opportunity today. They are creating a supercut video f...


New Children's Christmas Movie to Give Back to the Community

by Danielle Beckstrom | News from Utah Videos

With the opening of their new movie, The Christmas Dragon , Arrowstorm Entertainment decided to do somethin...