{A&E} 5 Ways Texting Can Spread the Gospel

You’ve heard it all before: texting is ruining social interactions. It’s controlling teenagers’ lives. It’s creating a less committal dating culture. It’s causing driving accidents.

That paints a pretty grim picture of texting, but most of us know texting is not evil. In fact, when used in positive ways, texting can strengthen relationships, touch lives, and even help build the kingdom:
• Youth leaders: Using texting is one of the best ways for leaders to connect with youth. They can send activity reminders or thank you messages.

• Missionaries: Did you know texting is being used to build the kingdom? That’s right. Missionaries in many missions around the world are sometimes granted the privilege of texting their investigators. This allows missionaries to send simple reminders of commitments they left, or to remind them of church times and locations. They can also send investigators scriptures or other pick-me-ups.

• Parents: Texting can enhance parents’ face-to-face interactions with their teens through simple messages of love and encouragement. In doing so, there is no need to be wordy. A simple “thank you” or “I’m sorry” or “I’m praying for you today” can let kids know they are important and loved.

• Friends: There’s nothing like getting a text from an old friend that lets you know they are thinking of you. If something reminds you of a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, how about sending them a simple text before you forget? 

• Home and visiting teachers: Although texting isn’t necessarily the best way to set up an appointment, it’s still a good way to keep in touch with your home and visiting teachees throughout the month to make sure they’re doing okay.

So don't be afraid of SMS. Get those fingers working and use this tool to spread some gospel love. You never know what a few words appearing on a phone screen can do.

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