{A&E} App of the Week: Feast and Famine

I can’t remember the first time I heard the term “app” but I do remember not having any idea what people were talking about when they said it.  Of course, this was back in the day when the most sophisticated thing my phone did was play brickbreaker.  In the years since, I have acquired a smart phone and gotten all too familiar with the wide world of apps (or a piece of computer software that performs a specific task). 

There are a lot of apps.  A LOT.  I am talking hundreds of thousands and more being released every day.  So with all the apps out there, how are you expected to stay in touch and know when the good ones come out and which are worthy of your time?  In our small way, LDS Living wants to help.  We are throwing ourselves into the digital world on your behalf and will regularly give you the low down on some great apps you won’t want to miss.

First up: Feast and Famine (for the iPad)

The popular board game Feast and Famine is now available in digital form for the iPad.  This game of strategy is set in the time of Joseph of Egypt, is beautifully designed, and very slick to play.  There are two parts to the game.  First up is ‘Feast’ where you buy food and supplies over the course of 7 turns/years to prepare you for the famine that is to come.  The winner is the player who manages to buy both variety and a good quantity of supplies.

‘Famine’ is the second part of the game and plays off of the story of Joseph’s brothers coming to Egypt during the time of the famine.  This side of the game is a little more complicated to explain without the game instructions to aid me but trust me, it is fun. 

The game caters to ages 8 and up but I can see a 5 year old enjoying playing—especially with the ‘Feast’ part of the game.  If you like strategy or board games then I highly recommend this digital version of Feast and Famine

SPECIAL OFFER!  When we told the Feast and Famine people we were featuring their app this week, they decided to offer you a special deal.  Normally you can download Feast and Famine for $1.99 each but for one week only, you can download the first part of the game, ‘Feast’, for FREE.  (Technically you can play ‘Feast’ independently of ‘Famine’ so this is a great opportunity to experience the game for free.)  Enjoy! 

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