{A&E} Favorite LDS Film Contest--Round 2

Choosing a favorite is oh-so-hard. Don't we all like to cheat at these questions and give our top 3? Still, we think it's a worthy exercise to survey the LDS film genre, and we had fun looking over your votes from last week. (Click here to see Round 1 of the contest.)

Based on your votes, we've narrowed the field. Drama is still the largest group, so we realize choosing your favorite may be tough when you can only choose one. But don't worry--we'll be sure to include runners up.

Be sure to include a comment about why you love the films you picked--you might think the quality of Saints and Soldiers gives credibility to LDS filmmaking, or you might think that Single's Ward is significant for the importance it placed on humor in Mormon culture. (And for those more serious students of LDS film, check out our excerpt of BYU Studies' special edition, Mormons and Film.) We would love to get a good discussion going about this!

Without further ado, the finalists are . . .


Single's Ward
The RM
Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-day Comedy
Mobsters and Mormons


The Best Two Years
The Other Side of Heaven
The Work and the Glory
Saints and Soldiers
17 Miracles
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