{A&E} How to Become a Professional Jimmer Stalker

Last night I couldn't sleep. Sometime around 3:00 a.m., I tired of tossing and resorted to watching videos of what many girls were already peacefully dreaming about: Jimmer Fredette. Thanks to the new followjimmer.com (new content posted daily!), I found a constant stream of videos to entertain and inform me during my wakeful vigil. And thanks to all those videos, I am now a perfectly qualified Jimmer expert, just in time for the NBA draft this Thursday. I now present to you my top six Fredettrivia:

1. When Jimmer doesn't have enough friends to play basketball with him, he uses trash cans to stand in for the other players.

2. Even famous people go through an ugly duckling stage—his brother used to call him “Cheeks” because of his chubby facial features and then John Goodman (after the actor) and Clemenza (from the Godfather).
3. Jimmer owns more shoes than I do. “Living simple” and “as compact as I can” includes—just from what I counted in one video—13 pairs of athletic shoes, one set of church shoes, and one pair of sandals (worn with socks).
4. Eating healthy includes tortilla chips, organic toaster pastries, and chocolate milk. Don't worry though, the Diet Coke in his fridge was only stocked there to keep his girlfriend, Whitney (also featured in some of the videos), happy.
5. If there's a McLovin staying in your hotel, it might be Jimmer in disguise.
6. Jimmer has the same car as me: a Hyundai Elantra. Despite the fact that his is about 10 years newer than mine, I think somehow this has to be a sign that he is meant to be with me and not the aforementioned Whitney.

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