{A&E} Listen to This: Popcorn Bopping

Okay, so I’m currently listening to Deseret Book’s new CD Popcorn Bopping. (Click here to learn more and listen.) The sticker on the front said “Fun and Upbeat!” They weren’t kidding. I can’t stop giggling to myself.

This is seriously one of the funnest CDs I’ve ever listened to. It’s an adventure to see how they’ve repackaged Primary favorites. Though I don’t have Primary children, I can see how it would provide hours of fun and crazy dancing. (It might even do the same for certain uninhibited college freshmen.) How can you get any better than fun, clean dance music?

One of my favorites is the Partridge-family-esque repackaging of “Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked”—a song I have always thought typified the drudgery of walking mile after mile. (“Walked and walked and walked and walked . . .) I’ve honestly never liked the song. But, for the first time, I recognized the “singing” part of this song after listening to this version. The point isn’t that they walked; it’s that they sang. Revolutionary! Who would have thought?

But my favorite is the hip-hoppy “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission.” From song’s beginning, with a pre-teen voice exclaiming “Ya-yo! Ya-yo!”, I knew it was bound to be a hit.

So, I strongly encourage listening to the CD. It is sure to bring a smile—maybe even a foot tap—even to the most stubborn of curmudgeons.

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