{A&E} Poll: The 'Favoritest' Primary Song of All

Last year LDS Living hosted the "Favoritest" Hymn of All poll where you, the reader, voted in a series of brackets to determine the most beloved song in the LDS hymnal. Click here to read the winner.

We're back again with our latest poll, but this time, Primary songs. Many of you grew up singing these songs and others have learned them as leaders and teachers in Primary. We realize that it's really hard to pick a favorite so we've made it a little bit easier for you. We've broken up the songs into categories, and the top two winners from each question will move on to our next bracket (to be featured next week).

Have fun and help us determine the "favoritest" Primary song of all!

Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ part I

I Am a Child of God
Reverence Is Love ("Reverence is more than just quietly sitting...")
He Sent His Son ("How could the Father tell the world...")
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
Beautiful Savior ("Fair is the sunshine, fairer the moonlight...")

Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ part II

A Child's Prayer
I Feel My Savior's Love
The Church of Jesus Christ ("I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ...")
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
When He Comes Again ("I wonder when He comes again...")

The Gospel part I

I Love to See the Temple
Baptism ("Jesus came to John the Baptist...")
When I Am Baptized ("I like to look for rainbows...")
Search, Ponder, and Pray
Follow the Prophet
Scripture Power

The Gospel part II

Book of Mormon Stories
Nephi's Courage ("The Lord commanded Nephi to go and get the plates...")
Latter-day Prophets
Love One Another
Where Love Is

The Gospel part III

Keep the Commandments
Hum Your Favorite Hymn
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
Teach Me to Walk In the Light
We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman)

Home & Family

Families Can Be Together Forever
Love Is Spoken Here
I Often Go Walking
Mother, I Love You
Daddy's Homecoming ("I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...")


Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus ("Said Samuel, 'Within five years'...")
The Shepherd's Carol ("Mary, Mary, hush see the Child...")
Mary's Lullaby
Picture a Christmas
Christmas Bells
Easter Hosanna
Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked
Little Pioneer Children

Nature & Seasons

My Heavenly Father Loves Me ("Whenever I hear the song of a bird...")
"Give," Said the Little Stream
In the Leafy Treetops
Popcorn Popping
Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime
Once There Was a Snowman

Fun & Activity

Hello Song
If You're Happy
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Do As I'm Doing
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
Happy, Happy Birthday
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