{A&E} Rare Photo of a Young Pres. Uchtdorf Discovered

Did you know there is only one picture of President and Sister Uchtdorf as young newlyweds? The catch is, however, if you were to search for it on Google, you wouldn’t find it. Want to know why? Its existence was discovered only a couple of months ago. (President and Sister Uchtdorf didn’t even know it existed.)

Doug Halladay, a former missionary who served in Germany, was going through his mission photos and slides and came across this photo of a very young (and super classy, if you ask me) version of Dieter and Harriet Uchtdorf in Berlin. Mr. Halladay sent it to President Uchtdorf’s office in Salt Lake City and the picture was promptly sent to Deseret Book Publishing in order to be included in President Uchtdorf’s new book, Your Happily Ever After.

I love looking at this picture and getting a glimpse into President and Sister Uchtdorf’s earlier years. Kind of neat to see this picture and think about him as a young pilot having all those experiences he talks about in general conference! 

Ashley Jones practices public relations for Deseret Book. She loves writing, emailing her missionary sister, and making/ eating home-made popcorn.
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