{A&E} Real-life Angels

I'm guessing most of you remember Elder Holland's talk on "angels" from October 2008. It was one of my favorite talks that conference season. I think about Elder Holland's words often when I meet someone who leaves me feeling happy and better about myself. Well, I met one of those angels about six months ago. Appropriately named, Angel Randall is the author of a children's book I had the opportunity to help promote. The topic of her book? Angels.
But you're probably asking yourself, what qualifies her to be an angel? In 2009, while she was in her mid-20's, Angel Randall was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. After a full schedule of treatments, she returned in March 2010 for a checkup where the doctors told her she had six months to live. They explained that with certain treatments, they might be able to help extend her life. This past March, Angel hit her one year mark of defying the doctors' prediction. I met her in June, and at that moment, I learned a very important lesson: faith is the key to happiness.

Angel has every right to feel depressed, scared, and lonely. Is she? No. She could easily be one of the happiest people I know, because she believes in her Savior and does what He would do.

Every few weeks or so, I get an e-mail from Angel simply asking how I'm doing, how my family is doing, if I'm surviving work, and then signs her email:
She sent me a couple of emails with KTF at the bottom, and I finally emailed and asked specifically what KTF means.

"Keep the faith."
She, the one with a terminal brain tumor, was reaching out to me to see how I was doing and encouraging me to keep the faith. Little does she know how much those e-mails meant to me when I was going through a rough time. She was, and is, an angel to all those she comes in contact with. Her book, Snow Angels, in my opinion, illustrates her life: recognizing that angels are truly closer than we think.

Ashley Jones practices public relations for Deseret Book. She loves writing and home-made popcorn, and is a Pinterest-aholic.
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