'Adult' society a bit bruising for some folks

I'm hearing more and more concern these days about "cutting" remarks in the newspaper, "edgy" movies and "barbed" talk shows.

The current "sharpness" in society is apparently enough to even slice up people who have leather hides.

Imagine what that sharpness must do to super-sensitive souls.

And deeply spiritual souls often have hides as tender as newborns.

Sometimes people with tough hides hear Mormons objecting to racy advertisements, violent films and the like and write them off as "blue noses," as prudes and prigs. To use a term from yesteryear, they see them as a bunch of Mrs. Grundys.

But the truth is, they just may be people who get easily scuffed up by the harshness of things.

Tell them to avoid the "adult" side of society, you say?

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