–Ans, –Ites and –Isms

For a long time, I have wrestled with the notion that I need to commit to a political party. Every time I have gone to declare an allegiance of one kind or another, something has stayed my hand. I have been ashamed of this for some time, thinking that perhaps I was too wishy-washy, too uncommitted, too weakly opinioned. I have been enticed by several political ideologies, most notably feminism and libertarianism, and have come close to choosing one on several occasions.

But again, something has kept me “aloof from all these parties” despite engaging in their several discussions as often as I felt drawn to them. Finally, I believe I have reached the root of the issues I have with choosing a political party.

I admire many people who subscribe to an ideology of some sort or another. (Many of whom are permas here at M*.) They have passion and conviction. Their ideas are well-reasoned, and generally based on good principles. Above all else, they tend to be thinkers, people who are dedicated to ferreting out truth and right. And I love spending time with these sorts of people. I love being challenged to look from new perspectives and being drawn to passionately defend one’s viewpoint against another’s.

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