"Cannot Live Without It"

by | Oct. 06, 2003


Song: # 219 "Because I Have Been Given Much"

Items Needed:

A cup

A pitcher of water

A small potted plant

Lesson Idea:

Have a volunteer come up to the front of the room. Give the volunteer the empty cup. Fill it with water and have the student water the plant with half the water and drink the rest.

Ask the participants what the chief value of water is in our lives. (It helps sustain life.) When man looks for life on other planets, what one substance do we look for to know life exists there? (Water.) Jesus and the Samaritan woman were at the well to get a drink to quench their thirst. Jesus chose a most appropriate symbol to teach her- water.

Water is life, especially to people in an arid climate like that of Palestine. Without water, vegetation and human life die. Point out that the woman, like thirsty land without water, was spiritually dead. She needed the living water of the gospel in her life to restore her spiritual life. We need that living water in order to really live.


Jeremiah 2:13

John 4: 5-30, 39-42

Alma 5:34

D&C 10:66

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