"Draw Upon Your Experience"

by | Sep. 01, 2003


Song: # 124 "Be Still, My Soul"

Items Needed:

A brown paper sack

An object with an interesting shape

Paper and pencil for each family member

Previous Preparation:

Place the object into the paper sack. The participants should not see the object.

Lesson Idea:

Give each participant paper and a pencil. Inform them that they are to draw the object found in the paper sack. They will not be able to look at it or feel it. There will be one person who will, without lifting out the object or looking into the sack, describe the object by feeling its shape so all can draw it correctly. This participant should not name the object.

After one person has tried to describe the object, have a second person come forward, and under the same rules, proceed to help the group complete the drawing. After the participants feel they have the object drawn, show them the object and compare it with their drawings.

From this experience, one develops an appreciation for being able to communicate well. It is not easy to describe an object you cannot see. Sometimes it is even difficult to describe what we do see. Encourage the group to practice patience with other and with themselves as they learn to communicate well.


Joshua 18: 1-8

Mormon 4:11

Colossians 4: 6

D&C 88: 78

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