"ESPN," "Sports Illustrated" Share LDS Man's Tweet About What This NBA Star Did in an Apple Store

If you haven't already seen, Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell's name is all over Twitter today, though he probably wasn't expecting all the attention. 

Andrew Simeona shared a tweet today about the NBA star after finding out Mitchell had a run in with his brother at an Apple store, an experience neither is likely to ever forget. 

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"I have a brother that’s a little delayed in his development," Simeona tweeted. "At the Apple store today he was told by a rep what he'd have to pay to have his iphone repaired. He couldn't afford it. Spida overheard and covered the cost for him. Donovan is simply the best #takenote."

In less than 12 hours, the tweet has been shared more than 1,500 times, including by ESPN and Sports Illustrated. And of course, Mitchell has also shared the tweet along with a short and sweet reply. 

It's always good to see people reaching out to others, especially when they probably weren't expecting anyone to really notice it. 

Image from usatoday.com
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