{Food Dish} Easy Truffle Recipe

Two weeks ago one of our interns brought in the most amazing Oreo truffles on the planet. Like, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, rich-in-flavor-but-light-in-texture pure amazingness. This simplest of simple recipes revolutionized my world. Are you ready for it?

One package Oreos in food processor.
Then add one package cream cheese in food processor.
Chill 15 minutes.
Form into balls.
Chill 15 minutes.
Dip in almond bark.

Try to stop after just five. Or twelve. Or twenty.

But this isn’t all. Filled with excitement at all the new possibilities, I immediately made sure a truffle-making extravaganza was in the plans for my visit home to family during the holiday weekend. This is what resulted:

Original Oreo truffles.
Mint Oreo truffles. (Can’t wait till Christmas to try it with their peppermint ones.)
Peanut butter Oreo truffles.
Truffles with orange extract added.
Truffles dipped in chocolate and vanilla almond bark.

All delicious. We used color-coded toothpicks to identify the different flavors and various combinations of sprinkles to prettify them. And then consumed the delectable results for an entire weekend. 

You’d think I would burn out on these things, but instead I’m planning more forays into this new and wonderful world. Chocolate-filled Oreos? Double-stuf? Golden? Apparently in April they released a Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo, though I have yet to run across this scrumptious stroke of genius in real life. I’m thinking about adding different extract flavors and branching out with other add-ins like coconut and nuts. What delicious creations can you come up with?

Kaela Worthen is the associate editor at LDS Living. A self-titled “ultimate grammar nerd,” she also battles serious addictions to news and food websites and a compulsion to dance to the radio while driving.
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