{Food Dish} Recipe Review: Our Best Bites in LDS Living

In the LDS Living magazine Jan/Feb 2011 issue we featured recipes from our favorite food blog: Our Best Bites. How we narrowed it down to only five recipes in the magazine is a miracle, because they all looked so good. Last night for dinner I whipped up a few of the ones we ran and these are my results.

P.S. My pictures are sad excuses of how good the dishes really looked. Do not be fooled by my horrible photography skills.

Roasted Garlic-Rosemary Potatoes

Okay, a recipe this easy and fast shouldn’t make such delicious food, but it did. These potatoes are one of the most popular recipes on the Our Best Bites blog for a reason. I’ve had rosemary potatoes a million times, but these ones blew all the others out of the water. I think it’s the Dijon mustard. It’s magic.

My only alteration was this: The recipe called for coarse-grain Dijon but I used honey Dijon instead to make them sweet. I’m sure they both taste wonderful, though.

Cookie Sundae Cups

Yummy. I’ve seen this cookie dessert served in restaurants but I’ve never made it myself. The results: Super easy. Very delicious. But make sure you share because these things are the equivalent of 5-6 cookies each. Oh, and I had to cook mine for about ten minutes longer than the recipe instructed.

Ashley Evanson is the Online Editor at LDS Living. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves looking at design blogs, wishing she could be as hip as the people she reads about. Her favorite color is light tan.

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