{Food Dish} Ultimate Guide: Ridiculously Cute Christmas Foods

I'm really good at making food taste good. What I'm not so good at is making it look pretty. I also happen to be a Pinterest addict, which means I get almost all of my food inspiration from my visual pinboard cookbook. The results usually go something like this:


(Thank you, Pinterest, for illustrating my life so well for me.)

However, that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy looking at pretty food and wishing I had such skills. And since I know some of you do actually have such skills, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite finds, in the hopes that someone will get to make and eat them.


Melted snowman cookies. Seriously. How ridiculously cute are these?


Christmas cheese party tray.
It's easy to make desserts decorative, but not so with many other party foods. This is great.


Brownie Christmas trees from Betty Crocker.
Not only are these possibly the most delish of the bunch, but I think I could possibly make them without messing them up too horribly.


Santa feet cupcake.
And several other cute cupcakes I could never be capable of making.


Christmas reindeer mini donuts.
I could SO make these.


Reindeer peanut butter cookies.
I might even be able to make these ones.


Santa hat pretzels.
Cute neighbor Christmas gift, anyone?

And for those of you with super food skills, you can check this link out for even more Christmas cupcake inspiration. (If you're like me, though, don't look. Please. It'll keep you from getting depressed.)

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