‘Forgotten Carols’ now part of holiday traditions

With the holiday season in full swing, familiar melodies of Christmas carols fill the air. Many of these catchy tunes talk of Santa Claus coming to town, snow and mistletoe.

“The Forgotten Carols” are a group of Christmas songs written by acclaimed songwriter and playwright Michael McLean. These uplifting seasonal hymns tell the story of the first Christmas. These songs are sung in the perspective of shepherds, Joseph the father of Jesus and other witnesses to the nativity.

“The Forgotten Carols’ are probably the best carols out there,” said Devin Baid, of Brigham City, a fan who has been listening to these songs for years. “The tunes and melodies are unique and the lyrics bring the true spirit of Christmas into the front of our minds and allow us to focus on the Savior’s birth as well as the qualities that made Him our Savior.”

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